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    Microsoft Word to JPEG Conversion

    When you create a document in Microsoft Word, it is saved by default as a DOC or DOCX file. DOC/DOCX are pretty much the same format, it’s just that DOCX is newer.

    Microsoft Word documents are very useful because they can be opened by multiple programs — including the popular Google Docs — and is easily edited and manipulated. However, this is counterbalanced by the problem of DOC/DOCX documents not looking the same across platforms. If you’ve painstakingly designed your DOC/DOCX document to have a certain look using unique fonts, the chances are slim that it will look the same when your friend opens it on their own computer.

    JPEG/JPG files, meanwhile, are images. These contain a grid of pixels that can show anything from photographs to drawings to text. JPEG images look the same on every platform, making them ideal for sharing image information from person to person.

    Why would you convert a file from Microsoft Word to JPEG?

    If you want to share a document with someone else, you probably want to ensure that when they open it, it looks the way you intended. This is not likely with a DOC/DOCX file but is assured with a JPEG file. Therefore, converting a document from Microsoft Word to JPEG would be ideal for this situation!

    Likewise, certain platforms do not accept DOC/DOCX files as uploads. If you designed a cool Instagram post in Microsoft Word, you wouldn’t be able to upload it as it is. Your best bet would be to convert that file to JPEG and then upload that to Instagram.

    There are likely many other reasons you can think of for converting DOC to JPEG!

    How can you convert a file from Microsoft Word to JPEG for free?

    Our tool above can convert files from DOC/DOCX to JPEG for free. There is no registration needed, no watermarks on the final conversion, and you can use the tool as much as you like without cost.

    To start, you’ll need to upload one or up to 20 DOC/DOCX files. First, drag and drop your files onto the area that says “Drop Your Files Here”. Alternatively, if you’re on a mobile device, you can hit “UPLOAD FILES” instead.

    Once your files are uploaded, you’ll see them convert in real time. When they are finished, you can download converted JPEG images by hitting the “DOWNLOAD” button underneath the thumbnail in the queue. If you want to save time, you can wait until all conversions are done and then hit the “DOWNLOAD ALL” button. This will create one ZIP file with all the JPEG images included.

    If you need to do more than 20 conversions, that’s an option. All you need to do is perform your first conversion batch of 20 files, download them, and then hit “CLEAR QUEUE”. Simply repeat the same steps with another batch of 20 files. You can do this as much as you like.

    Is this tool safe to use?

    Our conversion tool is perfectly safe. If you worry about keeping your data secure, know that our server deletes all files after 60 minutes. In other words, after an hour, our server will have no record of your uploaded documents or the converted JPEGs. This keeps the tool safe.

    Likewise, your original documents remain untouched on your computer. When you upload them, our server merely copies the file and then converts from that copy. Your original stays preserved!